Supplements 101 – What Do You Really Need and Why?

Nowadays, it seems like there is a supplement for everything! Some may often hear you need to take countless products that are usually very expensive. But what is necessary? What is essential? My goal is to help you better understand the importance of supplementation and why you should include it in your everyday diet.

Before I begin, please understand that supplements are just that, a supplement. They should only be used to help with your well-balanced nutrition program.  Like insurance, supplements are very similar. Hopefully you won’t need them, but just in case, you’re covered. With that being said, here is your insurance policy. Please see the importance of the following products listed and described below in more detail:

Multivitamin – We have all heard about the importance of getting a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in our daily diet. Because of this, a good multivitamin is highly recommended. Multivitamins can provide you with a combination of nutrients that can help with deficiencies. If you are not getting 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, it is highly recommended that a good multivitamin should be taken every day. For me, I take them every morning. 

Essential Fatty Acid – Essential fatty acids are fats that your body needs to help with proper function. Unable to produce these fatty acids on its own, your body can only include EFA’s with your daily diet or with your supplementation.  Typically found in fish, certain oils, avocado and nuts, EFA’s are very important for a healthy body. To get enough EFA’s you would need to eat approximately 6 servings of fish a week. If this is something most of you may find unrealistic, you might want to consider a good, daily EFA supplement. EFA supplements include the following benefits:
  • Help Prevent Heart Disease
  • Lower Bad Cholesterol
  • Burn Fat
  • Help with Symptoms of Arthritis
  • Help Prevent Many Diseases - Including Cancer
  • Strengthen the Immune System
Post Workout Recovery Drink – The best well kept secret most quality trainers know, is the importance of proper post workout nutrition. It is very important to consume a whey protein isolate shake that is fast absorbing to help with muscle repair and recovery. Please take this no later then 30 minutes to 1 hour after your workout. The opportunity to replenish your body with the correct nutrients during this time will help exceed your goals.

If you’re spending precious hours working out, why neglect the proper nutrients your body wants and needs after a workout? I encourage all of you (yes, even you ladies!) to please never ignore or forget the importance of a post workout protein shake. Your lack of results to transform your body is not always because of your lack effort in or outside of the gym, but rather your lack of understanding of proper diet, nutrition, supplementation and recovery that most really seem to underestimate. 

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After all, if you don’t eat and supply your body with the correct nutrients to help achieve your goals, please don’t expect to reach them! The key to results isn’t just the 1 hour spent in the gym, it’s how you spend the rest of your 23.