4 Simple Rules to Eliminate Your Waistline

Why wait? Eliminate your waistline with these 4 simple rules:

1. No Dairy: Dairy products will typically cause your stomach to bloat, especially though lactose and milk sugars. Buy low fat milk (if any at all) and replace your standard cheddar with aged cheeses that contain less lactose.

2. No Soda: Many often tend to forget to include beverages when reducing their waistline. After all,  if you don't chew it, it won't affect your midsection, right? Wrong! Consider soda for example. With countless calories and chemicals (such as aspartame) there are no health benefits to drinking soda. In fact, soda is one of the most harmful things you could put in you body. 

3. No Bread: Hold the bread and drink more water! Carbs (the bad carbs) should no longer be on your shopping list. The quickest way to burn fat in your midsection is to remove simple carbs like bread and sugar from your daily diet. Replace them with complex carbohydrates such as oats, asparagus or grapefruit. 

4. No White Flour: For those who didn't know, white flour causes your blood sugar to spike. Because of the rate at which this substance metabolizes, along with the lack of nutritional value, removing white flour from your everyday diet can really have a positive effect to not only your waistline, but more importantly, your health!