• The Controversy Behind CrossFit - Thoughts and Personal Opinions Exposed

    Continuously asked, "What are your thoughts and personal opinions about CrossFit?," I will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly with this newly developed, very populated sport. Effective and efficient, CrossFit has it's advantages and disadvantages, but is it really made for everyone?
  • The FDA Cracks Down on DMAA Supps

    Manufacturers of DMAA-containing products are raising the "geranium plant" defense - "but, it comes from nature!" The FDA's not buying it. You may have heard that the FDA completely halted sales of DMAA-containing products. That is wrong information. Learn what actually happened, why the FDA is concerned, and whether or not you can still purchase DMAA-containing products.
  • Choose Happiness Now!

    Do you postpone your own happiness? You know what I mean. "I’ll be happy when… I make more money. Or finish my degree. Or get that new car.” What about this one ladies? "I’ll be happy when I lose 15 pounds.” Or for men, "I’ll be happy when I tone up my abs.” Both genders often complain, "I’ll be happy when I find that special someone.”

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