The Controversy Behind CrossFit - Thoughts and Personal Opinions Exposed

CrossFit - love it or hate it, it has made a HUGE impact on the fitness industry! What makes it different? Comparing your traditional weight training program design most of us still use today, CrossFit is not as specialized. It has become a very popular sport over the years and can now be seen on national television. CrossFit is made to help develop your overall performance and is structured to improve your functional strength. Its goal is to optimize the 10 following domains listed below: 
  • Endurance:
  • Stamina 
  • Strength 
  • Flexibility 
  • Power 
  • Speed
  • Coordination 
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy
As you may know, CrossFit's method is intense, extremely difficult and very exhausting. You will usually perform exercises that require lots of power and a burst of energy. Similar to 'circuit training' I use myself and with most of my clients, CrossFit exercises can quickly burn calories. A variety of movements can usually be performed when doing CrossFit. The risk of injury is extremely high for most beginners. Personally, I only recommend CrossFit to athletes that are extremely advanced. Technique is very important when doing these exercises. I strongly encourage all of you to use a coach, trainer or instructor when doing these explosive movements. You are typically timed. Races are usually held. Damage to the body for all levels of fitness is not surprisingly seen.

One benefit that CrossFit provides that makes it unique, different and one-of-a-kind is the competitive atmosphere. It gives you the opportunity as a team to really push each other to improve your performance. Personally, this positive reinforcement helps me and most others stay motivated while working out. The close community environment that CrossFit provides us in most facilities makes the experience very special and is valued by most that typically use. 

But what about their physical appearance? Although most CrossFit athletes are in extremely great shape, how many females do you know want broad shoulders, large lats and thick thighs? If that is something you are looking for, fantastic! If not, please understand CrossFit is not always tailored to your individual needs. This full-body workout minimizes your ability to shape certain body parts due to the limited equipment used and the exercises performed. Great for some, not made for all, CrossFit causes stress, stain, wear and tear on your body if done incorrectly or completed on a more regular basis. Good for my own workouts on occasion for diversity to help with my own progression and personal goals, CrossFit  has never been one of my favorites. For more, please don't hesitate to contact me at with any additional questions, concerns or comments. Thank you!