Choose Happiness Now!

Do you postpone your own happiness? You know what I mean. "I’ll be happy when… I make more money. Or finish my degree. Or get that new car.” What about this one ladies? "I’ll be happy when I lose 15 pounds.” Or for men, "I’ll be happy when I tone up my abs.” Both genders often complain, "I’ll be happy when I find that special someone.”


Well, you’re not alone. I believe that it is human nature to smack a big fat "pause” button on happiness. How frustrating it must feel, then, for those people that never get there? It must seem like a mirage in the desert that moves forward with each heavy-hearted step you take. How has that approach been working for you?


So, I am extending a personal invitation to you to try something novel. Be Happy Now. Be confident. Radiate kindness. Love yourself. Every curve, and every love handle. Each scar and wrinkle. And envision the better version of yourself you want to become.  Don’t wait.  Don’t waste another day living in negativity.  Your happiness is there (and has been there)… you just haven’t acknowledged it because you’ve been exerting your energy towards excuses. So let’s refocus that energy today.


Because guess what? Giving yourself the license to be happy now will result in a positive place to launch your daily habits in fitness and nutrition that will result in your new lifestyle. It’s an exponential and enduring symbiotic relationship. And all you have to do is accept my invitation… to just be happy now.