Ken Places 3rd in 'Men's Physique' at His First National Show in South Carolina

On May 19, 2012, Ken competed in the NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding Championship in 'Men's Physique.' With over 450 total athletes, the competition was at the Performing Arts Center in North Charleston, South Carolina. Representing T.K.O., Ken was coached by Kim Oddo from Temecula, CA to help with his diet, nutrition and supplementation. He was assisted by Miguel Aguilar, Steve Cook and Rob Riches to help with his poses. 

There were 89 total 'Men's Physique' competitors, all competing for their 'pro-card.' Each class was divided into three separate height categories. Ken was one of 39 athletes in his height class (between 5'8" 1/4 - 5'11"). Despite being the 3rd shortest competitor in 'Class B,' Ken placed 3rd in his height class. Not bad for his first national show!

Ken wants to send a HUGE thank you to his manager (Angelina Venegas) for her help, support, and assistance. His sponsors, British Nutritions, Martie Wells Paddle Boards, Green Tea Hawaii and Steve Lendino, thank you for everything! He wants to remind them how much he appreciates all they do for Ken. He thanks Mark Kurian, his mentor, and all of his family and friends for always believing in Ken for his hard work and dedication. 

Thanks again! Ken hopes to take the stage again in Chicago at Jr. Nationals in June, 2012.