Ken C. Rawlins is Your Newest IFBB 'Men's Physique' Pro After Placing 2nd in Atlanta, GA at Nationals

This year they awarded twelve IFBB Pro cards for the newly developed 'Men's Physique' division at Nationals this year in Atlanta, GA. The division was divided into six separate hight categories and the top two in each class were awarded their IFBB Pro status. Classes ranged in size from as low as 20 athletes to over 40 competitors. 

'Class A' winner Vincent Fiore took the overall honors. Growing rapidly, the quality of 'Men's Physique' competition continues to reach new heights. The following includes your latest IFBB 'Men's Physique' Pro's:

A Class
Vincent Fiore
Stephen Mass

B Class
Sean Harley
Luke Boehm

C Class
Corey Hammac
Ken Rawlins

D Class
Keenon LeBlanc
Jonathon Cetera

E Class
Collin Wasiak
Ian Lauer

F Class
Russel Waheed
Torey Woodward