Keith Shares His Experience with Ken Rawlins Fitness Competition Prep

Hungry to succeed, Keith contacted Ken to better prepare himself before he took the stage at his first NPC 'Men's Physique' competition in New Jersey. Asking Keith countless questions about his diet, nutrition and his current program design, Ken always feels the need to better understand what his clients need from him and how he can help assist. "Ken was curious to know more about my journey," he says. Keith's goals, limitations and all of his concerns were discussed in full detail before Ken provided him with assistance, instruction and a plan of action.  

Ken gathered all information needed from his competitor before they began. Shortly after, adjustments were made to Keith's current cardio program and workout routine. A specific rep range and the amount of sets were given to Keith with all exercises Ken strongly encouraged him to follow. A meal plan with all supplement suggestions were explained to Keith with step-by-step instruction for him to better understand the importance of doing. What to take, when to take it and why, was built to help educate his client to better prepare his athlete to proper preparation. 

Progress reports and recent photographs of Keith were continuously requested and always taken to help Ken monitor and witness weekly changes and transformations. Countless phone calls, emails and text messages were exchanged during this time to make all necessary adjustments required. Continuously asking Keith how he felt, Ken would request his total weight and would regulate his strength to help monitor progression and overall performance. 

Keith states, "Thank you Ken for all of your help. We did it! I was able to take 3rd place and qualify for Nationals." Keep up the great work! 

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