Client Spotlight: Gretchen Rossi from 'The Real Housewives of O.C.' Ranks High on 101 Hot Body Countdown!

Ken has been delighted to train Gretchen and help her achieve real results.  In her Celebuzz Q&A, she highlights:

Celebuzz: "What exercises do you do to stay in shape?"

GR: "I work so much that I don’t get the consistent time to be in the gym any longer. I do have a trainer that I work with, Ken Rawlins, and he’s amazing. I have him meet me at the house because my schedule is that crazy! He brings a bunch of equipment with him and we do everything from free weights and exercises on the bench to work with rubber bands and these things called gliders that I found. We’ve been using those a lot lately, which has been really fun. Basically, we do a lot of lunges and squats and pushups on a ball."

Thank you Gretchen, and keep up the great work!  To read the full interview and see her bikini images, please click the following for more: